Case Studies


A crime team arrests 7 suspects, seizes 67 devices. The suspects deny being connected in any way.

Dexter automatically finds the connections and is currently being trialled in a major crimes unit

A major US publisher needs to gather information from around 600,000 unstructured documents a year.

Dexter makes the information oven-ready for the publisher and wins the tender against 8 other major players

The mayor of one of the world’s biggest cities needed to find out opinions of him and his policies every day of the week.

Dexter and their partner have implemented a solution to keep the mayor on his toes

A major retailer needs competitive data across many branded and unbranded product lines.

Dexter gathers the data from the web, compares it and presents it to the retailer on a regular basis

A major utility company with 7,000 employees needs to find out what they are thinking.

Dexter interpreted their free-text results and organises the results for each department