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Dexter powers Listen to London technology

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Dexter Intelligence is powering the Symfonix solution for Listen to London (L2L).

The Listening to London tool logs and themes all correspondence to the Mayor’s office and monitors digital and social media to capture insightful information about the needs and concerns of Londoners. L2L  is an implementation Dexter Intelligence Information Discovery Platform and is an example of how Dexter discovery solutions can be engineered to theme and harmonise both public source content and enterprise content.

The unique Symfonix Community Dashboard conducts up to 500,000 specific and separate searches each and every day and is capable of tagging 13.5 million individual items.  The Symfonix Community Dashboard is able to present this weight of information in a way that allows the Greater London Authority to understand the mood of London by theme, geographic location and sentiment.

For more information on Listen to London please visit the Symfonix site >>

For more information on Dexter’s Solutions please follow this link >>

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