Survey Analytics

We have researched corporate, government and consumer clients who represent many sectors of the market to understand how well surveys benefit stakeholders and improve business performance.

What we have discovered is that many organisations do not realise the full benefits of employee, client or consumer surveys because they are not able to do so – indeed many carry out surveys either because of a sense of obligation or there is a requirement perhaps to demonstrate compliance.

What they miss out on is the wealth of information contained within the unstructured, textual comments and the opportunity to ask completely open questions with the knowledge that technology is available to process responses and extract the insight.

At Dexter we do just that – and can help turn your survey costs into an investment that will deliver significantly greater returns to your business.

You will probably be...

An HR director that needs to know what makes their employees tick, what makes employees engaged and disengaged.

A Customer Accounts Director at a B2B company who needs to understand the desires of important customers.

Customer Relations Manager at a B2C company who needs to understand the likes and dislikes of their product or service and how to improve it.

You have probably heard...

“I can’t remember the last time I learned anything from a staff survey”

“We have done a survey and have thousands of detailed comments – and no way to understand them”

“We would do a survey but we don’t know what to ask or how best to ask it”

Return on Investment

Overall we help you turn what can be a pure business cost into an operational investment that helps you to achieve improved RO and greater differentiation in the market by:

Reducing employee attrition
Reducing customer churn
Improving operational processes
Reducing operating costs
Improving regulatory compliance
Reducing exposure to Health & Safety risks
Reducing liability to personal claims

How can we help?

Consultancy – Survey Design and Questions

Survey Tools – We can provide survey tools to script and serve your survey

Survey/Text Analytics – Using our proprietary analytics engine

Output & Workflow – Weekly BI reports or via update your CRM directly 

BPO – Keying of paper/offline surveys

What we don't provide

We don’t provide industry peer comparisons

We don’t provide national and international comparisons

We don’t use standard “question sets”

Why? Knowing where you rank with your peers is interesting, but not very useful


We specialise in extracting insight from the comments that people bother to leave in surveys – the very comments that contain the most value in any survey but are largely ignored because they are “too hard” to process.

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